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Friend or Foe: Life
Posted by reece, Apr 4, 2008. 1537 views. ID = 1054

Friend or Foe

Posted by reece, Apr 4, 2008. 1537 views. ID = 1054
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It's amazing that one can't truly see what's real unless he has been bathed in some kind of false courage that leads to desperation and isolation. To some it's alcohol, drugs (illegal or legal), men, gambling, eating, lying, gossiping, or spending. But whatever the vice is, I'm not alone when I say it's a detour that makes you forget about reality for a split moment.

This illusion that I faced once gripped me so tightly that I lost sleep, didn't eat, lied to myself to believe that I was fine. I was actually walking on cloud 9. No it wasn't illegal, and I wasn't hurting anyone else, but myself. At the time I couldn't conceive how something so good could be harmful for me. Each day I danced in darkness and longed for a new adventure. Sometimes it came as a fast whirlwind sweeping me clean across town or way somewhere in the boomdocks. Although the dance eventaully became a slow waltz, I wasn't tired.

But my partner, the one who could really swing me around wanted a new step and a new partner. He heard of this new rhthym in another part of town that I wasn't aware of. I heard his new partner could really dance at a different beat, one that I wasn't quite familiar with. But I was willing to learn. They chose not to invite me because I was out of step. Instead they hopped, swing, jumped and jived into each others arms.

Well, I'm still dancing, but now I have center stage, not sharing the glitz with anyone. Every now and then I get an invite to jump and jive, but I know that the dance want last. It's just a fad. I've learned that dances and dancers come and go, but rhthym is forever. I've learned to listen carefully and enjoy each note with or without a partner.

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This post has been awarded 16 stars by 4 readers.
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Apr 4, 2008
nicely written! Can I give you one small suggestion? It will help people read your writing if you put a few paragraph breaks in - look for the places where there seems to be a change of subject and put a couple carriage returns in.

For example, I would break before "This illusion", "But my partner", and "Well, I'm still dancing" - but you might feel that it naturally breaks in different places.
   ~Posted by Douglas, Apr 4, 2008

Apr 7, 2008
Well done! :-)
   ~Posted by Katie, Apr 7, 2008

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