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Talking Animals: Lucy, german shepard
Posted by reece, Apr 2, 2008. 1378 views. ID = 1024

Talking Animals

Posted by reece, Apr 2, 2008. 1378 views. ID = 1024
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As usual, we pack the car and leave around 6:35 a.m. on Wednesday mornings. Lucy sits patiently and wait for the car to back up out of the driveway while her friends Pepper and Stray wait on the corner. Lucy chases us to the corner, hopping and dancing in front of the car just to hear the kids yell, "Move out of the Way!" She laughs because she knows I'm too paranoid to hit her; so I stops on breaks hoping she has passed on by. Her friends, Pepper and Stray watches and laughs as Lucy makes a dash in front of the car. I blow and shout, but it does no good. Finally, she turns around and her friends sniffs her out while she stands patiently. They yell, "What's for breakfast?" Lucy replies, I hid some scraps from last night. I have some weiners, fries, and chicken nuggets. The kids tricked their mom to stop by McDonald's last night. They only wanted the toys out of the box; so they left me the grub. I saved it just for you two, my closest pals. Eat up because we have all day to play before they return home. We must take our morning nap, chase the man in the white truck who comes to check the meter, bark at the neighbors across the street when they refuse to say morning, and tear up paper in my favorite spot. This just drives the owner and the kids mad. Hurry up guys, this will be a long day.

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This post has been awarded 15 stars by 4 readers.
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Apr 3, 2008
Welcome to the site, reece!
   ~Posted by Douglas, Apr 3, 2008

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