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Posted at: Mar 27, 2010 at 9:22 AM 
Once was a boy who lived in a land far a
Way. He knew everything about the land he lived in.
He always dream of being king of the country he lived in so he could make it a better place.

One day his mom said " Its time for you to rule this land Sean. "
The son fell backward because he was so surprised.
Sean said, " How do I do that?"
" The king sent a note saying who ever finds the blue rock and presents it to the current king becomes the next king."
" Ok I will travel to find the blue rock ". Said Sean as
He packs his bags.
Then he left his house thinking of the journey ahead of him.
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Posted at: May 7, 2010 at 3:27 PM 
On his way to this wild epic journey, for he knew it would be epic, just like in the stories, any person vowing to fufill a task in order to become a King was bound to experience an epic journey.

His mother did not tell him though of his gift.

He found out a week after when was arrested. It was a fine day in early spring, the time in the year when the cold began to mingle with the comfortable heat, creating a wonderful climate for everybody. Flowers were blooming, birds were happily dancing in the air with their joyous chirping songs ringing in the air, and Sean was caught stealing.

Of course though, he wasn;t stealing. Sean was a hero, and heros never steal. But the pompous princess Aleis claimed to have seen him take off with her mothers precious diamond necklace during the Spring Parade. The insolent princess shouted to everyone that Sean has suddenly snuck up behid her mother, then had dissapeared, along with the Queen's necklace.

Sean had been thrown into the dungeons, located bebeath the city, where passerbys could walk over them, watching the hungry prisoners through the metal grates used for drainage. It had happened so fast, Sean didnt even know what was going on until he woke up with a terrible headache and chains clutched around his wrists. He groaned loudly, waking up the shrivled thing beside him, and woke with a start as a villager spat at him.

"Thief! Witch! Wizard!" the villagers began to chant. Soon after everybody above in the market discovered the that the thief was below, Sean had attracted an angry mob, determined to speak their mind and beat the boy to death. Before any harm was done, a soilder barged through the locked gate and rougly grabbed Seans shirt, forcing him to follow five gurads surronding him, all with stony faces moving in one single monotonos motion.

"Hurry up you filth!" snarled the head soilder.

Sean was pushed through two massive, heavy doors where he was confronted by King Thomas and his wife, Queen Hilary.

"Explain yourself or expect to be hanged!"

Sean had no idea what he was talking about.

"What buisness does you, a boy meekly armored with a petty knife and a bag of sacks doing in my city, wandering through the streets, perfoming magic? Boy, magic is death. Magic is from Satan, and those who dare to medle with it shall be rightly hanged! Explain yourself. Be quick about it!"

"Your Highness, with no intention of being impetious or rude, I must daresay that I am completley bewidered by these turn of events. One moment, I was enjoying my self amost the meadows not a mile from the city, enjoying the spring flowers, and next moment I awaken in a dungeon. I have no recollection of performing magic or thievery!"

Posted at: Apr 3, 2011 at 3:47 PM 
The queen looked at him with intrest. "You mean to say you were enjoying flowers? What ever for?"

" My love", the king interuppted, " It does not matter what he was doing, he commited a terrible crime!'

Joseph Hudson
Posted at: Jan 20, 2013 at 9:40 PM 
Sean smiled as he reached into his bag. The guards stiffened and pointed spears and swords at his chest. The queen made a sound that the guards interpreted to mean, 'Be still, he is only a child' and the men returned to their former state of watchful vigilance.
Sean removed from his bag a single flower. It was still fresh, unwilted, and smelled vaguely of some exotic fruit.
Holding the purple blossom aloft, Sean said, "Had I been in this enchanted burg for more than an hour, this flower would prove my guilt; as you can see, I have only just arrived and haven't had enough time to think of any wrongdoing, let alone plan and execute the heinous things of which I am accused, whatever those charges may be."
All was silent save for a slight gasping sound made by Her Highness. She cleared her throat and said, "This young man is innocent; who would argue with the obvious?"
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Posted at: Aug 7, 2014 at 10:17 AM 
" Who indeed, my love" said the king " Set this young man free"

So our hero could continue his epic quest to find the blue rock. This episode did however make him wonder if he could ever succeed. To be held in chains so early in his endeavors was surely not a fortuitous sign.
The purple flower that had not wilted and showed no evidence of decay and with each passing day grew more beautiful and fragrant was a symbol of hope and wonder.
He felt in his heart ,that like the flower which was flourishing with no apparent sustenance, his quest which seemed so impossible would also be accomplished.
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