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Posted at: Mar 24, 2010 at 3:52 PM 
The night was arriving, a darker night than usual, the moon disapear taking with her the stars. The wind was blowing making the tree braches move making a scary sound. Lorain, a young girl of only 20 years old, red hair, pale skin, blue eyes great figure. She was walking alone in the streets of her town name Stanford, a town cover by darkness where the sun never shows. The streets where light by fire, her heart was beating really fast, her body scared.

Lorain closed her eyes taking a deep breath trying to relax herself. What was that feeling that she was feeling in the bottom of her chest, that feeling that couldn't leave her alone because make she be scared. Lorain couldn't wait to get home, she start walking faster and faster but suddenly she stop, something made her stop.

A dark figure appear in front of her, the mist didn't let her see clearly that figure until it get closer. It was a guy, more or less 22 years old, black hair and blue eyes, pale skin perfect work out body, tall. He stop infront of her, watching her completly and then smiling at her like trying to seduce her. Lorain scared didn't say a word-

Posted at: Mar 24, 2010 at 6:16 PM 
The young man grabbed at Lorain, which was enough to make her let out a ear piercing shriek. A car driving by came to a stop and the drivers door opened. An older man stepped out and said
"What's going on here?"
The young man started dragging Lorain off into the shadows.
Suddenly a shot rang out.

Posted at: Mar 24, 2010 at 6:32 PM 
The guy grab Lorain, his strong was supernatural, he hurt her making her scream, the scream broke the silence of the street making a red car stop infront of them. An old man get out of it, he was fat and short, his hair white and his eyes black as the night sky. Looking at the scene he just said
"what's going on here?"

Lorain was really scared, who was this guy that was grabbing her? but a most important question, why he was grabbing her? The guy smirk at the old man and without any word he begans pulling Lorain into the shadows of an alley. Lorain's heart was beating really fast, she barely could see something, and then a shot was hear, she turn to see the old man, he was in the ground dead.

Lorain try to escape from that guy but it was useless. That guy grab her from her neck and whisper something to her ear.
"Calm down if you don't want to be the next one"

Lorain stop moving and shouting, the silence cover again the streets, he grab again Lorain and smile to her.
"See, that's what I'm talking about"

Posted at: Mar 27, 2010 at 7:11 PM 
Suddenly, time itself rippled in relapsing waves of shock when a distant siren sounded.

Joseph Hudson
Posted at: Jan 20, 2013 at 11:03 PM 
The man who was holding Lorain was an Unt, one of the the estimated million untagged people on the planet who had avoided the law and avoided the implantation of the required Defense Initiator Particle, or dipchip, as it was commonly called.
When Lorain's blood pressure exceeded a level that was above her personal 'average' the dipchip sent a distress signal to the closest law enforcement computer, in this case, the computer in Sergeant Thomas Clark's cruiser.
Even before his flying squad car got within a few blocks of the crime, the onboard computer had plotted every possible scenario. From more than a block away, the cruiser's gun fired a slug of tungsten carbide, about the size of a grain of rice, at ten percent the speed of light.
As Lorain, the assistant district attorney, struggled with the Unt, the tiny slug entered his head just above the right eyebrow and dispersed inside his head. Without a sound he collapsed at her feet.
As the cruiser settled silently to the pavement, Lorain busily straightened her clothes and picked up her purse. As the bubble canopy opened, Lorain smiled and waved.
"Hello Tom!" She would know that salt and pepper head of hair anywhere.
"Hi, Lorain, busy day?" The Sergeant grinned as he walked toward his future wife.
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